With our cardio check-up, we create a very detailed analysis of your personal cardiovascular risk and can then individualized develop prevention strategies to avoid heart attacks.

During our cardio check-up, after an initial consultation with one of our doctors, a number of examinations are carried out: These include a physical examination with blood sampling, the production of an echocardiography (heart ultrasound) followed by an ergometry (stress EKG) and final spirometry (Lung function).

As the examinations and the evaluation of the results take some time, you should allow 2 hours for the complete cardio check-up.

During our cardio check, we focus primarily on your heart. The aim is to clarify your risk of developing structural heart diseases. As for example a coronary artery disease, which can lead to a heart attack, or a dysfunction of your heart valves, which can later lead to heart failure. The side effects of high blood pressure on the heart can also be better recognized.


Echocardiography (heart ultrasound) is an elegant way of describing the function and structure of the heart. The focus here is on describing the pumping function of your left and right heart as well as checking for any wall movement disorders. We also check whether your heart valves show changes such as constrictions or incapacity to close. We proceed according to a standardized scheme and can also carry out further ultrasound examinations in case we observe abnormalities.

Ergometry with lung function

Since we can only detect indirect signs of the presence of a coronary vascular disease in the heart ultrasound, we will also perform an ergometry as part of the cardio check. If there is sufficient stress, signs of insufficient blood flow to the heart muscle can become discovered. Following the stress ECG, we will perform a lung function on you to complete the diagnosis.

In our practice we offer you various prevention programs. These programs are primarily aimed for patients which have a private insurance and self-payers, as the public health insurance companies offer their own preventive care program for their insured patients.

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