Acute, and normal appointment consultations every day. By arrangement also on weekends

Consultation hours with appointment


Acute consultation hour



From 09:00 – 13:00 by appointment only

Evening hours

Only after appointment

We offer acute consultations every day. You will find the times above in the table. Acute emergencies are always treated first, so unfortunately waiting times cannot always be avoided when there is a high volume of patients.

Questions about the acute consultation

Acute or open consultation hours. You can have acute complaints clarified rapidly. The open consultation hours are therefore reserved only for patients with urgent concerns.

Therefore, in the interest of all patients, it is imperative that you state the reason for your visit beforehand. Only this occasion will then be dealt with. Furthermore, we reserve the right to allocate appointments according to priority, so it may happen that your desired date is not accepted. In these cases, however, you will always be given an alternative date.

Rules for the acute consultation:

In order to satisfy a large number of patients in the open consultation hours without long waiting times, the following rules have proven to be effective:

  • Please provide only ONE reason for treatment.
  • Please only assume a maximum of 5 minutes talk time.
  • Please assume a waiting time of up to 2 hours.
  • You cannot choose the doctor who treats you.

Concerning the waiting time: When we talk about a waiting time for an acute case, we are of course not referring to life-threatening conditions. These are of course always treated immediately. Therefore, clearly describe your problems at the reception.

For more detailed discussions or follow-up examinations as well as other counselling occasions, we will arrange a normal appointment.

Infection consultation hours

To offer you the best possible protection, we are introducing infection consultation hours during the cold season. For this, you must make an appointment beforehand if you have cold symptoms and stick exactly to the agreed times, otherwise they will expire again. The infection consultation is exclusively for patients with acute cold symptoms. The practice door will be closed during these hours and will only be opened for the respective appointments. Infectious symptoms include in particular cold, cough, fever (but also increased temperatures), sore throat, aching limbs and headache, diarrhoea, loss of taste and smell.

Blood sample

For a blood sample, we would like to ask you to make an appointment as well, as there may be longer waiting times here also. Blood samples are usually taken every day between 08:00 and 08:30 hours. It is advisable to come to the blood collection on an empty stomach, i.e. not to consume any sugary or fatty foods or drinks in the 12 hours beforehand. Depending on the blood value determination, significantly shorter times are also possible.

If you are to have a laboratory test for reasons other than regular screening, a doctor’s appointment is necessary beforehand.

Even if you are to appear for the blood sample on an empty stomach, you should take your medication as usual. You only should inject your insulin as soon as you are able to eat breakfast. You can drink a glass of water in any case.