Professional experience

Since 2010 Specialist for internal medicine main focus on emergency and intensive care medicine

Since 2011 Health Economist & Executive MBA Health Care Management main focus on the development of new supply structures.

Seit 2013 Managing Partner at Sanexio GmbH & Co.KG focusing on digital solutions in healthcare and big data management.

Short profile

Specialist in internal medicine, emergency medicine:

02/2005 – 04/2007: Outpatient department, cardiac catheter laboratory, intermediate care ward

04/2007 – 12/2009: Cardiological and pulmonological intensive care unit of Medical Clinic I

01/2008 – 12/2009: Emergency doctor at the Giessen University Hospital site

01/2010 – 12/2012: Medical Clinic at University Hospital Giessen

01/2013 – 12/2018: Freelance doctor with focus on emergency care

Health Economist & Executive MBA:

Since 01/2013 : Managing Partner Sanexio GmbH

Since 11/2021: Private Equity Advisor (EBS)


Medical studies:

10/1998 – 10/2004 Staatsexamen, Approbation as a doctor | Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen | Grade: very good

PhD : Laser Doppler fluxmetry in osteoporosis. An investigation of the blood flow of the distal radius in the transition area from periosteum to bone using laser Doppler fluxmetry to record functional parameters of the microcirculation”.

Health Economist & MBA:

09/2011 – 09/2012 MBA Health Care Management | European Business School | OAM: very good

Thesis: „Futures trading as a risk instrument for stakeholders in the health sector

Semester abroad at University of Stellenbosch | Cape town, South Africa | 2011

09/2010 – 09/2011 Health economist | European Business School | ECTS-Grade: A

Thesis: „Grace risk score for the control of patient flows in a chest pain unit under economic aspects”.

Study of Mathematics & informatics:

2008 Guest student en Business Informatics| distance learning university Hagen

10/1998 – 10/2000 Guest student en mathematics|JLU-Gießen