Similar to the prevention of cardiovascular or vascular diseases such as stroke, heart attack or intermittent claudication, there are preventive measures to prevent many tumors, but it is often a matter of fate whether someone gets cancer or not.

Early diagnosis is all the more important, as many cancers are still curable in their early stages.

There is a standardized preventive program offerd by social security for women and men, which includes skin cancer and colon cancer screening as well as gynecological check-ups for women and urological check-ups for men.

However, this only covers a part of possible preventive examinations. Screenings for thyroid or renal cell carcinoma, for example, are not part of general tumor screening.

Our tumor prevention program is much more comprehensive and essentially consists of ultrasound examinations of the thyroid and internal organs.

In our Sono-Atlas you will find examples of diseases, some of which were only accidentally seen on ultrasound.

In our practice we offer you various comprehensive prevention programs. These programs are primarily aimed for patients which have a private insurance and self-payers, as the public health insurance companies offer their own preventive care program for their insured persons.

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