“ABI”- ankle-arm index

The so-called “intermittent claudication” is based on calcification of the leg arteries. Affected patients have to stop their walk after a certain distance, because of a reduced blood supply to the leg muscles. In a shopping street, this is usually used to look at the shop window. This is where the name “Shop window legs'” comes from. A measurement of the blood pressure in both arms and legs can give an initial indication of the presence of this disease. If the ankle-arm index is found to be abnormal, we will carry out further examinations.

Duplex of the leg vessels

With a duplex-ultrasound of the leg vessels, we can track vessels along their course through the pelvis and sometimes into the lower legs and see whether there are relevant calcifications or obstruction there. In the case of pronounced findings with clinical complaints, the next step is usually an expansion of the affected vessels using a balloon and afterwards a stent implantation should be realized. If there is any suspicion, we will refer you to an angiologist.