Check your vaccination book

Send us your vaccination book and we will check whether any vaccinations or booster updates are missing. For example, many adults are not adequately protected against diphtheria and tetanus. After reviewing your vaccination book, we will create an individual plan for you and automatically remind you of the outstanding appointments if you have previously given your approval for reminders.

In late summer it is important to think about the annual influenza vaccination in good time. Elderly persons or chronically ill persons should not miss the pneumococcal vaccination. You may also be eligible for an early summer meningoencephalitis (FSME) vaccination. Certain occupational groups or persons with an increased risk of infection should think about hepatitis A and B vaccination and rabies vaccination.

Booster and booster vaccinations as well as vaccinations for work-related stays abroad are usually paid for by the health insurance funds. Your employer must reimburse you for job-related vaccinations.

Travel vaccinations

Destination, travel duration, travel style and your vaccination status – this is the information we need to be able to create an individual vaccination plan for your next holiday.

In some cases, there are recommendations from the countries of entry, as with the meningococcal vaccination. Other vaccinations, for example against cholera or yellow fever, are required by the country of entry or transit.

The costs for travel vaccinations are not covered by the statutory health insurance funds. Don’t shy away from spending money on voluntary vaccinations. Your health should be worth it to you.