Our digital medical files for patients and doctors

Medical information about previous illnesses, the use of medication or the results of examinations help doctors and therapists to get an overall medical picture of the state of health of their patients.

So far, personal information has usually been confusing and available in different places. Some are with the resident doctors, some in the hospitals and others may still be at your home. This means that examinations that have already been carried out may have to be repeated and you may experience avoidable inconveniences such as extra blood tests or examinations that are harmful to radiation. The medical information about you is bundled in digital form in our digital patient record.

You decide for yourself who is allowed to see the contents of the file and thus offer a source of information that, in extreme cases, can save your life.

In contrast to the electronic patient files introduced by the health insurance companies, our files offer significant added value. We present the advantages to you in the following:

Digitalpatient file

Our patients can upload medical documents to our platform. We then process them and transfer them to a digital file. Based on the information, we can then remind our patients of certain examinations or important appointments. We will also prepare an initial analysis of your health status on the basis of the documents you have uploaded.

Example 1: You can upload medical reports for assessment and second opinion on the platform. If necessary, findings can then also be forwarded to the relevant specialist disciplines in our network of doctors and you will always receive a competent second opinion on your medical problem.

Example 2: Patients can take a photo of their vaccination card and post it on the platform. We will then automatically remind you of the next upcoming vaccinations. Information about additional vaccinations is provided when traveling abroad.

DOCVOCARD – easy data exchange worldwide

Our patients have the option of making their medical records available to other doctors via Sharepoint. To do this, you will receive a digital private key so that you have power of disposal over your medical file and you can decide for yourself which other doctors you want to make your file available to.

Example 1: Private patients in particular know the problem that when they visit a doctor, they sometimes have to have a comprehensive laboratory removed from them, even though the same values were recently determined by a different doctor. With the help of the Docvocard, you can make the current laboratory values available to all treating physicians quickly and easily.

Example 2: Your family doctor usually has all the essential medical information and a complete history of your medical condition. However, this information is usually not available to other doctors and must either be requested again or requested first. With the Docvocard you can pass on this information quickly. If required, we can also provide the information in other languages.