Rapid tests and PCR swabs

Dear Patient,

You have tested positive for Corona and want to know the next steps?

In case of a positive rapid antigen test, please contact the nearest test oficial test center for a PCR test. If there is a positive rapid test, the PCR tests are free of charge. Everything else will depend on this result. Until you receive the result, please isolate yourself.

If the PCR result is positive, the health department (= Gesundheitsamt) will contact you. If thiis does not happen promptly, please call them yourself and ask about the next steps.

IMPORTANT: Do not come to our consultation if you suspect or have confirmed evidence of Corona. In case of acute respiratory distress, call the 112.

If you have symptoms of illness, please fill out the questionnaire at the following link:

After evaluating the questionnaire, we will contact you. Due to increased demand, there may be time delays.

Appointments for the vaccination from now on only via DOCTOLIB

From now on we will only use Doctolib to make appointments There you can choose the dates for the vaccinations. You can access the booking system using the button on the right hand side. You can only book appointment when we will receive enough vaccination-doses for the corresponding week. If this is not the case, there are no open appointments available in DOCTOLIB.

No Registration by phone and email anymore!

We want to minimize the amount of time it takes to make appointments for corona vaccinations, which we primarily want to use to care for our patients. In order to have more time for our sick patients again, we will therefore automate the process of corona vaccination. Appointments can only be made via DOCTOLIB at the moment.